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Precision-Matched Tech Talent


Vettanna is your partner and we have the people you are looking for

We listen and deliver star performers that keep you coming back for more!

Proven track record with Fortune 100 companies – our longest client has been with us continually since we opened our doors in 1996.

* 100% fit guarantee.
* Professional, trustworthy, accurate, consistent.
* The right person – local or worldwide.

* Traditional Headhunter (Your W2) or
   Alternative Work Force (
Vettanna's W2).

It's more than an interview, more than screening. We know the wrong person can do damage to your quality, schedule and team. Vettanna vetting means you get the right skills and the right fit for your team!


Vettanna Jobs

We have jobs but most importantly we want to match you the job that's uniquely you!

* Skills – Personality – Career Goals
* We listen to your needs, provide training to help you thrive and provide 360 feedback.
* When you're on the Vettanna team, we've got your back!

The majority of our jobs are filled from our internal database without ever posting an ad.


Putting You On the Path to Success

What They're Saying About Vettanna

Vettanna Clients

Marni Deshong
Client Manager & Former Employee

"I have hired Vettanna and been a Vettanna employee. This puts me in a unique position to have a well rounded perspective of the company and their services.


As an employee, Vettanna took me under their wing. They helped me develop new skills to make me a more savvy and valuable consultant. They always provided outstanding support for every assignment.


Vettanna's training was invaluable, teaching me the most effective way to communicate and comport myself for upcoming projects.  I can’t recommend them enough.


Hiring and working with Vettanna is equally as easy. They work with my team to onboard new contractors, come onsite to make sure the contractors are meeting our needs, and are always highly professional, communicative & helpful. In the rare instances when we have been unhappy with the work of a contractor, Vettanna is receptive of the criticism and works immediately to help resolve the situation in the best way for both the vendor and the contractor. I have come to rely on their services tremendously.

Thanks Vettanna!"


Allen Williams
Former Employee

"A previous employer used Vettanna's services and I always admired the professionalism and competency of Vettanna's staff.  Years later when I decided to make a career change, I reached out to Vettanna who assessed not only my skills, but also my personal goals to find me an amazing opportunity.

Even though I've been with Vettanna for over three years, I am constantly challenged and continue to grow new skills with every project. I truly appreciate that Vettanna takes a personal approach and manages me not by the day's needs but for the long term."

Screenshot 2024-01-04 at 2.50.42 PM.png

Barbara Avitan
Former Employee

"So, if you were given the opportunity to work with a former NASA engineer, a successful serial entrepreneur and a rock star singer could you resist? Well I'm glad I could not!


I feel very fortunate to be a Vettanna team member. Vettanna is extremely dedicated to its employees, helping to develop and utilize their talents and assisting in their continued success. Vettanna is a caring, attentive and nurturing employer who realizes the value of its employees.


Vettanna listens to its employees and allows their employees to continually grow to new professional heights."


Vettanna Shares

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