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Vettanna is your partner in finding the perfect talent for your growing team.

Need Top Tech Talent Fast? Let Vettanna Accelerate Your Search

What Makes Vettanna Your Best Choice for Staffing & Recruiting?

Personalized Employee Development and Support

At Vettanna our job doesn't stop at placement. Our focus is on our employees and their growth and development. We offer training and support to help our team develop new skills, soft skills and become more valuable to you. This focus on personalized support and development is a key differentiator in the staffing industry, where the focus is often on short-term placements​​ and it's a key factor in our retention rate that is more than double the industry average.

100% Fit Guarantee for Employers

We have a high level of confidence in our vetting process and ability to match the right candidate to the right role and the right team. Our approach goes beyond standard interviewing and screening processes.  We ensure that the candidate not only has the right skills but is also the right fit for the team and company culture. This level of attention to detail in the interview process is particularly important in high-tech industries where team dynamics and specific skill sets are crucial for your success​​.

Extensive Experience with Fortune 100 Companies & Startups

Vettanna has a proven track record with Fortune 100 companies and startups. Our oldest client (since 1996) began as a startup and evolved into a massive Tech 100 company with Vettanna staffing a multitude of tech positions.  We understand the complexities and high standards of large organizations and the speed and agility of smaller companies. This track record with our clients illustrates our reliability,  consistency and excellence. 

As your partner - we are committed to your success.


Are You a Good Client Fit?

Vettanna excels when we are in partnership with you. We thrive in a team dynamic that is success driven.  You are a good fit for Vettanna if you:

  • Need a short list of vetted candidates that will THRIVE on your team

  • Are able to have your hiring managers speak to Vettanna about the skills, behaviors and values that will effortlessly meld with their teams

  • Value team members desire for career growth and development in both concrete and soft skills.


Discover the Vettanna Difference

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