• Jennifer Flaa

Top 6 Questions To Ask Engineers

When testers and engineers work as a team, your bug hunting can be more focused and

effective. Here’s six questions that can help you get some very meaty response from engineers and set you on your way to finding some lovely, beastly bugs.

  • “Anything in particular that you’d like me to focus on?”

  • “Where do you think this feature is likely to fail?”

  • “What’s the worst thing that could go wrong?”

  • “What part of this feature are you nervous about?”

  • “Did anything from the Spec change once you started implementing?”

  • “If I only had 5 minutes to test, what should I focus on?”

Love that “5 minute” question and pray that you actually get more than 5 minutes in real life!!

How about you?

Got any great questions for engineers that have resulted in cool bugs?

Test on, mighty testers, test on!


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