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Ask the Expert: Top Tips for Job Seekers from a Tech Recruiter

Vettanna’s own Kerri Jacobson took time out of her busy schedule to chat with us about how you can do better when approaching a recruiter or employer.

Even the most seasoned pro can make simple missteps, so keeping these tips in mind ensures you’ll be putting your best foot forward — and hopefully help score you the job of your dreams.

It’s extremely important to ask questions — despite the job looking great on paper. Understanding the dynamic and culture of the company you’ve set your sights upon can help ensure the perfect fit.

What's the top thing a candidate could do wrong in an interview with a new employer?

Not be enthusiastic enough and not doing research before the interview.

Sometimes nerves can overtake, but being enthusiastic and excited during the interview while talking is key. Knowing some ins and outs about the company is important because it shows that you did your research on the company itself.

How do you suggest candidates tweak their resume to help them achieve their dream job?

  • zBe certain your resume speaks to the specific position you are applying for. Call out certain job accomplishments that you have had which match up with the job requirements the employer is looking for.

  • Have a solid cover letter or intro paragraph – tweak that for each position that you are applying for.

  • Have an organized, clean cut resume that is easy to read. Too much information causes employers to bypass it. No more than 3 pages is ideal.

  • Showcase your key accomplishments with each role you have had, don’t just list basic job responsibilities – at least 5 bullet points per job

What are the professional expectations for those working in the tech field, and how has it changed over the years?

I think staying up on leading tech skills/programs/languages and continually learning is vital. The tech industry is changing rapidly – so to be at the top of the league, you have to continually be learning, reading, researching, and knowing the industry as it evolves.

What are some critical do's and don'ts for presenting yourself to a recruiter?


  • Always be enthusiastic about the position and company.

  • Sell yourself! Present the best you and showcase your skills to show them you will be their best choice candidate

  • Be professional - dress for the role

  • Research on the company before an interview so you are asking informed questions


  • Don’t be over confident, which could make them think you are too good (over qualified) for the job.

  • Don’t underdress for an interview – it is better to be overdressed.

  • Don’t settle on one set salary – keep it a salary range so it shows you are open to negotiation

What are your main tips understanding a company’s dynamic?

During the interview – ask about the team dynamic – that will help in settling into the conversation and knowing you will fit in.

If hired, set up meet & greet coffee dates with other team members to help introduce yourself & get to know others.

Showcase your enthusiasm for being a part of the team – ask others for tips about how they settled in when they first started.

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