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5 Elements of Productivity & Happiness: Using Feng Shui in the Workplace

Whether you work from home or in an office environment, there’s a lot to be said about how your surroundings affect productivity. One way to keep a clear mind and positive attitude is to create a workspace that reflects calmness and good energy.

Though more philosophical than scientific, the art of feng shui is a centuries old Chinese practice rooted in astronomy that promotes harmony in one’s environment. Through certain directional arrangements, colors and shapes, chi (energy) is able to flow more freely, improving productivity and overall happiness.

Referring to the five feng shui elements of wood, fire, earth, metal and water, you can focus on improving what drives you.

Wood Element

This wood element represents growth, vitality, wealth and vision, and is associated with shades of green and

brown. You can add decorative accents with these colors as desired, bring in wood furniture or natural plant life.

Combine the two for extra positive chi!

Best areas to place in a room: east, southeast, south

Associate shapes: Rectangle

Metal Element

The element of metal promotes organization and creativity — which is something we all can benefit from. It’s associated with white, grey and a variety of metallic hues. In general, these tones are calming and clean, and perfect for staying on task. Play with white accent furniture with metallic detailing or paint bright,

white walls.

Best areas to place in a room: west, northwest, north

Associated shapes: Circle, curves

Fire Element

The fire element epitomizes energy, inspiration, love and success, so adding a touch of red, yellow, orange,

pink or purple to your environment is a fun way to interject some positive vibes. These bold shades can be reflected in art, decorative objects, plants or accent pillows and simply placed wherever you feel like a lively pop of color is warranted.

Best areas to place in a room: south, southwest, center, northeast

Associated shapes: triangles, stars

Earth Element

The Earth itself is grounding, so it’s no surprise this element represents stability, nourishment and protection. Earth energy is all around us in our natural landscape, of course, so bringing this vibe into your workspace is a given. Associated with neutral shades such as beige, cream and taupe, it’s easy to bring a light, airy feel with natural material window treatments, accent decor or an area rug.

Best areas to place in a room: southwest, northwest, west, northeast

Associated shapes: square

Water Element

A life-giving element, water represents abundance, renewal, clarity and creative flow.

Tied in with shades based in blue and black, it’s easy to bring these cooling tones into your space without making it feel dark. Inject a calming energy into the mix through framed wall art, throw pillows or furniture.

Best areas to place in a room: north, east, southeast

Associated shapes: waves and curves

What will you choose to make your work environment more productive, happy or peaceful?

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