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Adapting to a Digital Job Market

There’s no denying the job market has changed exponentially with the shift to the digital age. How people search, apply and network in their chosen career field is much different than the old ways of newspaper want ads and “Help Wanted” signs. Even how resumes are presented and work experience is cataloged and analyzed have changed with the times — as have employers expectations. Adapting to the modern job market has certainly been a learning curve for some, but is definitely the new normal for young and future job seekers, especially in the tech field.

Finding Your Niche & Creating Value

In the tech world, job roles, specialties and responsibilities are constantly revolving and evolving. Having a range of talents and experience is an excellent way to get your foot in the door, but at what point is “multifaceted” a negative descriptor? Find your passion and stick with it, develop it thoughtfully, stay abreast of new technologies and developments and you’ll eventually win your dream role. Landing your place in the modern workforce can be very competitive, so being highly experienced in something you love will create corresponding value. That said, being generally informed and educated on related roles only helps you understand the context of your own role better. At the end of the day, having a solid, broad understanding of your field and well-developed specialized skills within it is sure to impress potential employers.

Specialized Workers Unite!

So, you are an UX developer that specializes in e-commerce platforms, with broad experience in fashion and retail design? Who else do you know that does the same thing? Creating or joining a networking group that revolves around your specific trade, or at least parts of it, is a great way to foster connections, get job tips and generally up your game. Studies show that the future job market will be made up of more specialized tech workers than blue collar workers or laborers, so defining your path and creating a community that runs parallel with it is not only wise, but encouraging and helpful.

Job Seeking Strategy

The key to finding your perfect job is knowing what you want, and creating a plan. While it’s easy to simply Google “web developer jobs” it’s narrowing down the content that matters. Signing up with placement agencies, job alerts from job hunting websites and networking with those in the industry both online and in real life are all pieces of the puzzle. Adapting to the digital job search market is equal parts algorithm and elbow grease. Be prepared to scour job listings, and create a list of key words that represent your desired job — you never know what might pop up. Making the rounds on these digital platforms can feel repetitive and endless, but the breadth of potential is so much more than it used to be.

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