• Kate Iverson

The Art Effect: How Beauty & Design can Inspire Productivity

Creativity is so much more than being able to draw, paint, write or dance — it’s in every little thing we do. From the code you write to the secret ingredient you add to your family’s favorite dish, most things in life require a bit of imagination. That said, it’s no secret that your environment is conducive to your productivity and creativity — the more inspiring, the better.

What Art is Right for You?

It’s honestly never too early (or too late) to start your own personal art collection. The concept that

collecting is only for the wealthy couldn’t be further from the truth. Finding pieces you love and connect with (and that you can actually afford) is just about knowing where to look.

  • Research art galleries in your city, odds are some are dedicated to local and/or emerging artists that offer more reasonable prices.

  • Keep your eyes peeled for studio art crawls, art school sales and local art fairs — price points run from low to high, ensuring you’ll find some things in your range.

  • Galleries and museums often offer limited edition prints as well, which, over time can sometimes become quite valuable in their own right.

  • Don’t discount searching online for prints either — just make sure they are printed on archival paper and come from a legitimate source.

At the end of the day, creating your own personal collection of eclectic art will give you a great sense of pride, satisfaction and inspiration.

Enhancing Your Work Space

We talk a lot about how workspace as an environment is relevant to your happiness and productivity. But how do you actually create said environment? Put your creativity to the test!

Odds are you already know what your preferred aesthetic is, so figuring out how to enhance and extend that aesthetic is key.


  • Color palette,

  • Design elements,

  • Constrictions of space and

  • Use of space.

Put together a moodboard on your computer that nails down some basics as far as the “look and feel” your going for. It’s 100% okay to hit up Pinterest for inspiration — we do it all the time.

It’s also fun to add some original art to your office to brighten it up and create a conversation piece — it shows off your good taste and appreciation for creativity.

Finding Inspiration in Your Field

Whether you work in tech or creative, there’s no denying the important histories that come along with

both industries. Seeing the beauty in classic code, hardware and original, groundbreaking design is not only part of your work’s heritage, but seeds that were planted years ago to lead you to where you are now.

Deep appreciation for the roots of any movement is key to being inspired on a foundational level, so read up, educate yourself and connect the dots.

Alternately, keeping abreast of fresh innovations, techniques and work being created in your field is truly a catalyst for your own inspiration.

Create a visual board featuring things you love and/or aspire to in your industry — you can refer back to it when your feeling burnt out or overwhelmed.

A little creative stimulation goes a long way!

Cover Image thanks to Photo by Daian Gan from Pexels

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