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You've Got Big Data

Now Organize It!

Millions of people are searching your site.

     They need data to make good decisions.

          Are you giving them good data?

               Are you sure?!

Can you afford to wait a moment longer to know that your data is helping your users make GREAT decisions?

What if I told you there is 1 thing that will change your anxiety about your users and your data?

Imagine this...

What if one day (soon) you walked into work peaceful and happy because you have a team of people that you can rely on who:

  • Work well with your whole team (Stakeholders, Managers, Engineers, QA, Writers)

  • Organize the data so user can find it using their vernacular

  • Value is reflected in your stats that show your users are finding what they need fast

  • You are confident managing, motivating and evaluating

I'm John Flaa, co-founder of Vettanna. For the past decade we have pioneered the new field of big data taxonomy & meta data analysis.

Our forte is providing you with skilled people who are vetted to fit in with your team and communicate effectively.

Now you have the opportunity to solve your big data mess with ease!

Here's how and it's just 1 thing!    Contact Us!

Vettanna has 2 models for finding you the right people:

  • Traditional Headhunting (we find them, you hire them)

  • AWF - Alternative Work Force (we find them, we hire them and either of us can manage them)

Vettanna provides knowledge:

  • Setup your Taxonomy department, tools, 
    processes and team

  • Review a document

  • Answer a Question

Vettanna gives you confidence and peace of mind

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