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Job Seekers

In a world of ATS bots and AI, it’s time to partner with a team that includes a personal approach to your talent & career trajectory.

Why Vettanna Rocks Your Career

Personalized Job Matching

Beyond keywords you want a job you can thrive in and coworkers you enjoy working with.  We spend time with each of our client managers to understand what type of employee will fit well with their team. Then we talk to you so that when you get short listed for a client position you can be confident and focus on a real conversation with the team.

Professional Development and Support

Vettanna provides training and support to help our employees develop new skills and become more valuable to our clients. Welcome to a nurturing and supportive environment that encourages continual professional growth and recognizes your value to our team and our client's team.

Conversion to Client Employment

Although many jobs may begin as a short term assignment, more often than not those assignments get extended based upon the excellent work you do for our client.  Client's often convert Vettanna employees to be their employees if you want. But many people chose to stay with Vettanna. In an industry where job hopping happens every two years (or less) our employees stay an average of four years.

Family Owned & Work Life Balance

Vettanna was founded by siblings Jennifer Flaa & John Flaa who are techies that have worked through staffing agencies that treated their workers like interchangeable cogs in a machine. They've owned Vettanna for over 25 years and strive to treat people as partners and a respected member of our extended family. Vettanna understands life's demands and how important it is to feed your soul (not just your mind) and be a well rounded person. So, welcome to probably the only high tech company founded by siblings that have launched satellites, managed huge projects, but have also guest starred in television shows and theatre and rocked in bands.

What Makes You a Good Employee Fit?

Vettanna excels when we can be your partner in your career and place you in the jobs where you can thrive.  Here's what makes you a good fit for Vettanna (and our clients):

  • Bachelors Degree (all our clients require this).

  • Honesty & Integrity (so we can count on you while you count on us)

  • Great verbal & written communication (C4 - Clear, Concise, Complete, Consistent. You can summarize with bullet points, charts & graphs - especially when speaking with upper management)

  • Independent, self motivated and address issues as they arise

  • Keep abreast of the latest skills needed in your role (or the role you want next)

Office Worker

Our Benefits

  • Insurance (health, dental, vision, disability and life)

  • 10 days personal leave

  • 401K plan

  • Flex Spending Account

  • Commuter Benefit

  • Employee Assistance

  • Travel Assistance

  • Training

Job Hunting Resources

Here's 2 resources we recommend you check out:

AI Job Search Ad (400 × 400 px).png

Career Growth - Soft Skills Resources

What Managers Wish You Knew Already

Comm Skills for Tech Ad (400 × 400 px) (1).png
Screen Shot 2020-04-30 at 4.09.32 PM.png


*Note: The Suggested Resources are on Vettanna's sister company The Bird Commission (owned by Jennifer Flaa) and the WFH Magazine was created during the pandemic and edited by Jennifer Flaa


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