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Tips for Video Interviews & Conference Calls

Imagine that you are meeting someone in person, for the first time. The way they look, where they look and what they say all effect your perception and your first impression.

When you are on video (like Skype) for an interview or a business conference call, how do you project your confidence and skill?

The number one mistake is not looking in the right place. Here's a few tips to be your best on video.

  • See the little black dot on the top of your computer screen (phone or tablet)? That is the camera lens. Adjust your computer so that the dot is at your eye level.

  • Look directly into the black dot as you speak. Don't be distracted by what is on your monitor. This makes the viewer feel like you are having eye contact with them.

  • When someone else is speaking you can look at the monitor.

More on camera tips coming soon.

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