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When I was a Recruiter for a Day..

Updated: Apr 5

recruiter on the computer and cell phone

What a day it was..When I was a recruiter for a day. Challenging yet enlightening, confusing and yet fulfilling. The job of a recruiter is often perceived as straightforward - basically just choose qualified candidates and contact them right? How hard can it be, I thought. After the eye-opening experience of taking on the role of a recruiter myself, I realized I couldn’t have been more wrong about that and noticed that there are more complexities and nuances attached to being a headhunter than I had previously realized.. This blog post chronicles my short journey into the world of recruitment, highlighting the insights gained and the profound respect I developed for those in this field. If you are interested in being a recruiter yourself or if you simply curious about this field, read on.. 

The Beginning..

My day as a recruiter began early at 8.30 am (for those who think this is late, I am here all day to debate otherwise :) ), with a quick briefing from my manager, John, who outlined the day's objectives. The primary goal was to fill a mid-level content manager position in a big tech company. I had always just assumed recruitment was about sifting through resumes and conducting interviews, but I soon realized it was much more.

Understanding the Job Requirements (I need a whole course in this one for sure!)

The first task was to thoroughly understand the job requirements. This involved more than just reading a job description; it meant comprehending the company culture, the specific skills needed, and the type of personality that would fit well within the team. It was a deeper level of analysis than I had anticipated, requiring a keen sense of judgment and foresight.

Sifting Through Resumes (it’s not a task, it’s an art.. an acquired taste)

Then came the task of going through a pile of resumes. Each resume was a story, a unique blend of skills, experiences, and aspirations. I learned to look beyond qualifications and job titles, seeking out potential, versatility, and a candidate's ability to adapt and grow. This process was far from the mechanical task I had imagined; it was an art. And it was not easy, it required analytical skills as well as intuition. My lack of experience was very evident here as I took forever to make decisions that seasoned recruiters take mere seconds to make. My manager was a great guide and helped me understand the process well and made it easier for me. I will not underestimate the concept of Experience after this one for sure! 

A blend of Technical and Soft Skills 

Throughout the day, I discovered the importance of analytical as well soft skills in recruitment. Communication, empathy, and intuition were as crucial as the technical accuracy of the job. I learned to read between the lines, understand what was not being said, and gauge a candidate's fit beyond their on-paper qualifications.


I had entered into the experience with a simplistic view of the profession but emerged with a newfound respect and appreciation for the intricacies of recruitment. My day as a recruiter taught me that recruitment is not just about filling positions. It's about creating matches that lead to successful, lasting professional relationships. It requires a blend of skills, soft and hard and everything in between. This experience has not only given me valuable insights into the world of recruitment but also a deeper understanding of the human aspect of the corporate world.

Swarali Sathe


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