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Should You Show the Real 'You' on LinkedIn? Is Honesty the Best Policy?

tech CEO is also lead singer in the rock band Urban Fiction

Do you ever tone down your personality on LinkedIn for the sake of professionalism?


Like most of us, you’re probably using LinkedIn to showcase your professional skills. Someone may stroll by who might be interested in partnering or hiring.  Here’s our story.


We, the founders of Vettanna, initially polished our profiles to sheer professionalism, leaving out our vibrant arts backgrounds. When we started Vettanna, my brother and I believed we needed to present ourselves very professionally so we “hid” some really interesting parts of ourselves.  John’s an actor & director and I’m a rock vocalist, fluter and actor.  We thought people who didn’t know us would see that and think we were flakey.  Who knows.  Maybe, but are those the people we want to partner with? Is honesty really the best policy?


Turns out, our creativity fuels our tech expertise — from discipline to innovation.

We’re driven, constantly challenging ourselves and learning new things. We learned early on in theatre to be collaborative, to delegate and trust our teams. This influences us every day!


So this year…we threw back the curtain on LinkedIn, updated our bios and revealed our big, full lives.


Have you?  Is being you on LinkedIn for you? Share your thoughts.


Yes, that's me in the pic - tech CEO and rocker

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