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On The Job Tips - Part 2 of 2

Updated: Apr 29, 2019

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What continues are 7 more On the Job Tips. These are some of the least used secrets in the Job World but once we know, they can be easily adapted and implemented.

On The Job Tips - Part 2 of 2

  1. Going Extra Mile & Volunteering – “There are usually no traffic jams on the extra mile”. Doing more than what you get paid for is a secret. Most of the people want to do the bare minimum to get by. That means that doing more than what is asked out of you will help you in lot of intangible ways. Volunteering for tasks and asking for more work outside your assigned task will push to multitask. Always try to ask and create more work for yourself. But remember to always deliver on time.

  2. Willingness to Learn – We all have a tendency to operate in our comfort zone and in the areas that we know well. But a willingness to learn something new will stretch you to do more and get out of your comfort zone. This will also help you get recognized and be compared favorably to other team members. Can you learn a new coding language or expand into design or attend a conference and pick up some new tricks (and friends).

  3. Under Commit Over Deliver – This is very tricky as most people over commit and under deliver. Managers usually like people who under commit and over deliver in everything they do or are assigned. Remember it reflects favorably on your manager and your team to get things done well and on time.

  4. 24x7 Availability – In the Tech World everything is 24x7 and hence your willingness to extend 24x7 availability will put you in good books of management. Of course, you need a healthy work life balance to stay sane and productive. But remember our tech world has a global reach so you may be staying up late or waking early in order to chat with a co-worker on the other side of the globe. (Do well, play your cards right and perhaps you could even suggest a business trip for some in person work and get a nice vacation too.)

  5. Attitude & Team Player – “You Attitude will determine your Altitude”. We should always have a “Can Do” and “Positive Attitude” in the workplace and it can be seen through your body language along with how you present ideas, information and bad news (bugs). Team Player – TEAM stands for Together Everyone Achieves More. Being a team player is very critical and understand no one achieve something significant by working standalone. Remember that your TEAM is not just your department - it's the whole product team - engineers, designers, QA, writers, project managers, tech support, operations, marketing etc.

  6. Networking Outside the Team – We should always network and build relationship outside our team and immediate managers in our company. This will help in getting good feedback to your immediate managers. Building strong working relationships with the whole team can often present career growth either within the company or with a new company. As your peers rise, if they admire you and respect your work, they'll take you along for the ride too.

  7. Quality – When everything is said and done if the quality of your work is average it will make you stand out of crowd. Managers expect Quality work from their employees and so we shall always strive to bring and improve our quality of work. There is always room for improvement. If you haven't had enough time to put polish on; deliver it as a "draft" and request more time to clean it up. Managers respect that you have a standard but understand deadlines.

What do you think? Got any tips to contribute?



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