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Top 3 Reasons I Like Working For Vettanna

Updated: Apr 29, 2019

Happy Team

As a current employee who has been with Vettanna for more than 7 years now, there are several reason why I continue to work for Vettanna but sharing top 3 reasons:

Supportive Management & Awesome Boss – “A Hard Job with a Good Boss is better than an Easy Job with Bad Boss” perfectly applies to Vettanna Management. Jennifer Flaa (Visionary Entrepreneur) & John Flaa (Extraordinary Executive) are absolutely awesome professionals who are 360 degree supportive to their employees. They will always encourage employees to make choices and choose a path which benefits their personal goals and not just Vettanna. That’s called a Win – Win deal!!

Vettanna has your Back – This is one blessing which is kind of unique with Vettanna Management. They will have your back in every area including job transition period, fair pay, benefits, vacation time, Immigration Support if you need one etc. provided you are a quality resource, committed and loyal to the company.

Happiness & Career Growth Encouragement – I personally feel very happy working with Vettanna and the company is very dedicated to their resources that gives employees an opportunity to think outside the 9-5 system for learning, developing and growing new skills through Vettanna’s professional trainings in QA, Project Management, Executive Communication, Technical and Non-Technical Management etc.

If you're looking for a job...Vettanna is a good choice!

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