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Fashion, Productivity & Perception

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There’s really no delicate way to say it: How you dress influences how you’re perceived by others. That said, how you dress also affects how you feel about yourself! Similar to keeping your work environment clean, inviting and conducive to a clear mind, your outfit should elicit similar feelings.

  • Do you feel confident wearing it?

  • Are you comfortable?

  • Is it boardroom/meeting/client appropriate?

Bottom line, if you look good, you feel good — and that is definitely obvious to others.

Dealing with the Dress Code

quirky socks

Though dress codes vary widely at different companies, navigating them can be tricky. Not only do you need to adhere to rules and professional expectations, but odds are you want to maintain some sense of personal style as well. When you’re entering a new workplace and unsure about what to wear, fall back on the classics. Once you get the lay of the land and see how others are dressing, you can adjust your repertoire to something more “you” without ruffling the feathers of the powers that be.

Fancy Freelance

working from home on couch with dog

Working from home can be really great, but at what expense productivity-wise? We’ve all had a least a few “working in pajamas” days, but consistently treating your home office as a real office can help up your productivity game and beat procrastination. A refreshing morning shower and a clean set of clothes will get you into work-mode a lot faster than sipping coffee in bed with your laptop. Not to mention, answering the front door in your bathrobe at 2pm isn’t exactly impressive — not even to the pizza delivery guy. (Trust us on this...we've tested it out).

Dress to Impress

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If your outward presentation is sloppy or inappropriate, being recognized for your talents and personality can be that much harder. True style is not about spending tons of money or being good looking, it’s about thoughtfulness, individuality and attention to detail. The thought you put into your appearance will show, from the tailoring/fit, to the fabric and accessory choices, color coordination and most of all, your confidence in wearing it.

High Fashion on Low Budget

cute, casual, nice outfit

A tip from fashion stylist, Jill Siefert is to scan the magazines for current trends (color, styles, lengths and shapes) then head to H&M, Zara even Target, Ross and TJ Maxx and find similar items at a fraction of full retail cost.

Photo Credit: InStyle Magazine, Shutterstock and istockphoto

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