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Stuck? Overwhelmed? Overcome Writer’s/Worker's Block with 5 Quick & Easy Techniques

Updated: Apr 29, 2019

When projects and deadlines become too overwhelming, that stress has the power to stall us, rather than drive us. Writer’s block is an unfortunate by-product of this, but also often shows up out of the blue, without warning. Creativity needs to be nurtured, and it’s easy to lose sight of that when you’re under pressure. We’ve compiled a list of techniques we regularly use to declutter our minds and inspire ourselves — whether we’re suffering from writer’s block or any other debilitating bout of work stress.

Get Inspired Through Creative Micro-Learning

While your deadline may not give you the luxury of spending 3 hours in a museum on a Tuesday afternoon, it’s easier than you think to switch gears. Let your imagination run a bit wild — what are you curious about? Maybe you want to learn about Japanese pop culture or something more technical, such as how to transfer a photo onto wood. Taking 20 minutes to peruse YouTube or Udemy, learn something completely new and recharge your brain creatively is a great way to break out of a rut. It’s also fun to jump on Google Earth or Street View and head somewhere you’ve never been, like Bali, Ireland or Brazil!

Power Up the Healthy Way

When you’re stressed, pounding coffee may keep you awake, but it’s

not exactly nourishing — in fact it often adds to stress levels. Take the time to prep yourself nutritious, vitamin-rich meals that are not heavy on carbs or grease. A light protein, coupled with crunchy fruits and/or leafy greens is a way better pick-me-up than anything else, in our opinion. Supplement between meals with tons of water and healthy power snacks (like raw almonds or a banana). You can gorge on that burger after you meet your deadline, ok?

Organize Your Thoughts with Writing Exercises

If you’re stuck on subject matter or writing style, there are a few ways to help get you on the road to perfect prose. Hit up Thesaurus.com and punch in words that relate to your subject and create a list of unique, related words. Just having this list to refer back to when you’re crafting a paragraph helps with flow and creating a more engaging read. This is especially helpful for titles and naming. Another way to beat the block is by simply bullet-pointing what you aim to communicate and piecing it together from there. Lists help you organize your thoughts and separate brain jumble — try writing short sections and sewing them together as you go.

Literally Declutter

Your workspace is a reflection of your mindset. If you’re feeling

overwhelmed, take a few minutes to clean your desk and your immediate surroundings. Add something beautiful to the mix, like a piece of art or lush plant; let some fresh air and natural light in — your surroundings absolutely matter. While you’re at it, get rid of unnecessary files from your computer’s desktop and clean your screen and keyboard — a modern version of wiping the slate clean!

The Necessity of Self-Care

Work is work and needs to get done, but you need to find the time to

separate from it when necessary. When you’re stuck, don’t feel bad about taking time out of your day to cool down and re-focus.

  • Download a meditation app (Jennifer, our CEO, finds the Calm app calming).

  • Follow along with a Tai Chi or Yoga video. Many sites let you select the level and duration.

  • Simply kick back somewhere quiet and read a book.

  • You can energize your mind and body with a workout when you have time, move those hips with a little Tahitian dance or take a brisk outdoor walk during your lunch hour works wonders to ease stress and improve vitality.

  • When you have actual time off, truly make the most of it — you’ll come back to work clear-minded and refreshed.

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