• Kate Iverson

Top 3 Must Have Skills for Project Managers

Updated: Apr 28, 2019

An effective Project Manager is someone who can deliver a highest quality product in the allotted time frame that meets the overall agreed upon scope and approved budget. Usually they have no direct reports and must rely on their relationship with the team (and their managers) to be effective.

To achieve this a Project Manager must have some soft skills along with technical know-how.

​Leadership Skills Leaders have vision and they can translate that vision into overall roadmap to keep the team motivated, encouraged until the goal is met. Leadership in a Project Manager role is critical as it involves not just managing the team and their activities but being involved, making right decisions in given situations, resolving issues, and leading the way to successful project completion

Adaptive Communication Skills

The trickiest part of being a Project Manager is translating technical information to non-technical audience and vice versa. 80% of Project Managers time while leading a project is spent on communication with different group of people sharing project related information, updates, next steps. A good communicator can prevent and resolve issues by being very transparent with right flow of information between all parties involved in the project

Prioritized Organizational Skills

Project Managers are natural multitaskers and they must have an ability to keep themselves organized and set priorities before they help keeping project team on track. It starts with planning the work in detail and then working the plan by setting right priorities for themselves and project team

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