• Kate Iverson

The 3 Questions You Must Ask When Interviewing a Technical Project Manager

Updated: Apr 28, 2019

The Project Manager is usually a driving force behind a project and everyone’s “go-to” person in the project team. So, getting along with everyone in the team including difficult people is extremely critical for projects success.

While interviewing a Project Manager, along with technical skills, gauging a candidate is a people person is very important and there are 3-4 questions which will help identify that –

  1. Give a scenario when you didn’t agree with stakeholders and how did you proceed – This will help interviewer in understanding if the candidate has necessary “soft skills” and how he used in times of conflict

  2. Did you experience a failed project in your career and why did it failed? – This will help in identifying how did the candidate deals with failure and any lessons learned from that experience

  3. Describe your Project Management Process and Tools Used – This is an open-ended technical question to see if candidate knows basic development processes (Agile, Scrum, Waterfall), and PM tools

  4. Pick one skill that a Project Manager must have and why – This is another tricky question with multiple skills to choose from. The candidate's answer will showcase their strengths and weaknesses

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