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Hiring a Writer: Why Your Company Depends on It

In a world where content is king, quality writers and social marketers have become a coveted, in-demand bunch. To move your brand to the next level, having a good writer at your fingertips is more than a boon — it’s a necessity.

What’s more, having someone that understands your brand inside and out with the skills to communicate it, can be the difference between success and failure. Copywriting goes hand-in-hand with branding and marketing, so conveying a quality message in 140 characters or less can be a delicate dance.

You have a lot to say about your brand or company, this we know! But does anyone else care about the details? How much info is too much? A great brand writer knows there are multiple audiences worth strategizing, and develops communications based on this.

The Scanners

The majority audience looks at the photo, name/title and maybe a tagline or bit of sub-copy that simply encapsulates what the point is.

The Curious

Your secondary group is a bit more curious, and willing to delve into a more fleshed out, yet condensed description of what you’re selling or communicating.

The Deep Divers

A small portion of people dig deep, researching your brand and its story thoroughly, reading your blog posts, checking your social feeds or visiting your website’s “about” section.

So, the question is, how do you get the first group to increase their interest to the second or third level?

A strategic copywriter can assess this and help craft communications that are informative, engaging and clear on all levels. Never underestimate the power of a good title or tagline, and keep in mind not everyone is willing to read the fine print, no matter how great you think it is!

Wooing people to buy a product, service or to support an initiative is not JUST about value, it’s also about presentation.

Design, photography and language are all pieces of the puzzle that can make or break your audience’s interest level. A good writer can condense the information about what makes your brand great into a pitch that can be dynamically integrated into content for social, blogs, product descriptions, web copy and more.

Communicating across platforms and across audience types requires strategic thought process, not just pretty words.

At the end of the day, hiring a writer with a solid cross-section of experience is key. Not only should they be able to tell a good story from a human and brand perspective, but they should also have an understanding of marketing to back it up. You can always pair a writer with an experienced marketing person on staff to double down on strategic thinking and keep messaging on point. For those with limited budgets, many great writers are willing to take on short-term projects or blogging assignments on an as-needed basis — just be up front about hours and expectations.

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