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"Tag, You're It" - How Your Resume Gets Found

Vettanna gets tons of resumes every day. How can your resume be the one that rises to the top and shouts "Call Me!"?

All the resumes are submitted into a database and then sorted not only by the job you are applying for but the key words that the hiring manager is requiring for the job.

Read the job ad/description closely. It will contain those key words needed for experience, education and skills. We use those as database tags. If your resume doesn't have those tag words it means that you don't meet the requirements so your resume won't even pop up in the search for that job. (It could for another job though.)

So if the job requires HTML or SQL and you know it but think it's obvious because you also know so many other advanced things, you're fine skills will be over looked.

So, take 3 minutes to quickly edit your resume. Use bullet points to call out key skills and qualifications that match the job listing.

But remember, don't lie to get in the door. Lies can be tags too.

May the best job for you ... find you!


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