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How To Stand Out From The Crowd

We have over 200,000 resumes in our database. How can you possibly stand out when your next perfect job pops up?

I know, it seems nearly impossible. So, here's the inside track to get found and get remembered.

  • Use the right buzz words in your resume that describe your skills. Remember, after our client tells us they need someone, our first action is a database search.

  • Highlight why you are technically awesome and personally fantastic. We are looking for both skill and behavioral fit for the team. Tell us when you submit your resume, in your resume, in the interview and in your thank you note. We are not dense or stupid...we have hundreds of candidates.

  • Have a portfolio of your work - no one does. If you do, we will remember you! We make a note/flag of this in the database so that if you don't fit for this job, we want to remember you the next time there is a key word match.

  • Learn how to rock a video interview. Many of our clients are moving toward video interviews for the first round. Do you know where to look so it looks like you are making eye contact? Have you practiced so that you don't fidget (they perceive it as nervous, anxious and sometimes even unqualified).

  • Send a thank you note. No one does. If you do, your name is on their desk again.

  • If you get hired, do a great job and be a good team player. Then when your project ends with this client they may ask you back or give a reference that makes you easy to place on another client's project.

All the best!


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