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Get 'er Done! - Managing Your Time

Meistertask screenshot

You've got responsibilities and assignments. You are waiting for deliverables or responses (email/phone). You've got things you need to follow up on. There's work, home and maybe even hobby lists of things to do.

How do you keep track, meet deadlines and followup?

Many tech companies use Agile to manage your projects, so you are probably familiar with organizing your work tasks in a visual manner. (i.e.: Jira)

I recently found a new tool that's visual, I can organize "tasks", "waiting for" and "follow up" and assign due dates etc. Meistertask is working for me.

Of course there are many other tools/apps out there. Perhaps you prefer a Gantt chart or just a To Do List. It's worth the time to allocate a couple hours to researching and testing out a couple options to see what works for you.

Remember, for it to be effective, you've got to use it.

For me, I used to forget deliverables I was waiting for, Amazon items I was waiting for or follow up I was waiting for or needed to remember to do. This tool, keeps me on track.

Which one will you chose?

All the best,


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