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The Gift of Time: Volunteering for the Chronically Busy

Updated: Apr 29, 2019

Life is busy, this we know. Finding time to dedicate to your favorite cause can be tough, and burn-out comes a lot more easily than you’d think. Doing good, however, needn’t be a burden — in fact, done right, it can change your life, in addition to the lives of others. The key is finding things you are truly passionate about, managing realistic goals and getting creative. Below we’ll share a handful of ideas to expand your charitable horizons and allow you to give back to the community in a meaningful way — while keeping time in mind.

Become a Board Member

Being on the board of an organization you believe in is a great way to help drive initiatives,

give back and get involved on more personal level. While it is a long-term commitment, most organizations are respectful of your time and will be up front with you about what the position entails before asking you to sign on. Not to mention, it’s an amazing way to network with like-minded people, in addition to being an impressive resume side-note. Board meetings are typically once a month, with occasional committee meetings and special event volunteer opportunities. Check out the 9,000+ BOD openings on LinkedIn

Be a Mentor

There are oodles of mentorship programs out there, so it shouldn’t be hard to find a great fit! Whether you’re looking for a Big Brother/Big Sister type situation to give local kids a leg up, or hoping to share your professional/creative knowledge with someone just starting out, it’s a fantastic chance to give back in a very personal way. Mentoring is largely about relationship-building with your mentee, so grabbing a coffee with them to talk about hopes, dreams and ideas will likely feel a lot less daunting than showing up early on a Sunday morning to do physical volunteer labor. College alumni groups and non-profit social organizations are perfect for fostering mentorship connections.

Support Young Entrepreneurs

We think Kickstarter tithing should totally be a thing. When time is of the essence, sometimes being there physically is not an option. Every month we like to research crowdfunding campaigns and fundraising initiatives that are building to make a better world. Supporting emerging tech, art and environmental entrepreneurs allows you to do your part in helping move society forward, one project at a time. This idea also easily crosses over to relief efforts, human rights campaigns and anything in this world that you find worthy of a little love from your pocketbook. Every bit counts, as they say!

Volunteer with Friends

Everything is more fun with friends, right? Instead of getting together for happy hour,

designate one day per month to performing a group volunteer effort. Whether you’re identifying organizations or special events that need a helping hand or simply rallying pals to do a neighborhood cleanup or food drive, it’s all good. Even something as simple as assisting an elderly neighbor landscape or clean gutters is a worthy effort for you and a few pals. You can always grab a couple rounds of margaritas afterwards!

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